About Us


A large warehouse among a bunch of supplies, a remote place where the calm is torn apart by a heavy jackhammer’s sound… not really the idea one would have about a creative space. Yet, this is precisely what it is.

Wafa Al Obaidat, 28 years old Bahraini entrepreneur knows what she is talking about. Together with Hasan Hujari, a well-known sound engineer they created the concept 5 years ago, a creative space that would “serve a higher purpose”.

Collaboration was the answer to it all. A place where one could reach his peers, finds support and inspiration.

Well, this is exactly the idea Wafa and Hasan had in mind when they first started to talk about it in 2010.

Meanwhile Bahraini artists had the opportunity in 2013 to take part in the longest collaborative artwork piece to which more than 30 countries contributed to. Bahrainis showed the art scene was here and alive, and Red Bull Collective Art highlighted the creativity nested among locals.

Fast-forward to April 2014: highlighting the urban culture scene through Urban Culture Week. What was initially an elegant private residency was turned upside down in order to become a street art den. Every single room, from cellar to attic, has been shaped to welcome the urban arts confirming that what is missing in Bahrain is a place for creative collaboration.

With a location now secured in Amwaj, settled on a green ground, Malja launched on January 30, 2015, bringing culture and arts to the forefront and making it part of the everyday life of Bahrain.

Our Partners

  • Moda Interiors

    Moda started as a creative studio of professional carpenters, graphic designers and interior architects. coming together and collectively designing and implementing works of art.

  • spoon dESIGN consultants

    :: spoon is an independent dESIGN studio, our interests lie in linking architecture, design + sculpture, emerging concepts + theories of the digital age with tactile fundamentals of design + construction, in order to create dynamic + exciting environments.

  • Maroon Frog Web Design

    Maroon Frog builds websites that stand out and glow- websites that make an incredible first impression. They entice users to browse through and find out more about the products and services you offer. Thier websites are based on WordPress which is a well known Content Management System (CMS). This means you can easily edit your website yourself without technical knowledge.

  • BMMI

    Based in the Kingdom of Bahrain, and with international operations spanning three continents, BMMI is a diversified retail and distribution, and contract services and supply group, supported by a world-class integrated logistics capability.

  • jeo [product]ions

    jeo [product]ions consists of a team of adventurers, artists and entrepreneurs. With a mission to travel the world, to be inspired by it’s many cultures and landscapes, we aim to document within film, video and television the beauty and power that we encounter across the globe.

  • Lumen Arts

    We design lighting, from the initial concept to final completion, for buildings of all types from corporate headquarters to business parks, museums, museum artefacts, public realm art, private villas and apartments.

  • Meritas Holding

    Meritas Holdings comprises a group of companies with the vision of developing projects which aim at area regeneration through community sympathetic and environmentally friendly developments. Through the engagement of the Meritas companies and development process, the projects remain faithful to the Meritas Holdings objectives and mission to ensure that projects are financially sound investments while they address the needs and requirements of both the end-user and community.

    The group’s mission is to undertake property developments which deliver sound investments to the investor, address the needs of the end-user and enhance the community.

    The group aims to achieve its mission through:

    Initiating and developing economically viable and financially sound investments.

    Undertaking ergonomically engineered and aesthetically pleasing developments.

    Implementation of sustainable, environmentally friendly and community sympathetic developments.

    The group headquarters are in Amwaj Islands, Bahrain with offices in Dubai, United Arab Emirates and London, UK.

    The group founders are four prominent and successful Bahraini entrepreneurs with a long and impressive history in investments, property development and the finance markets.

  • Ossis Property developers

    Ossis B.S.C. (C), one of the leading property developers in the Kingdom of Bahrain, was established in 2001 with the mission of delivering exciting, high quality, affordable land and real estate products, to meet the needs and demands of the growing real estate market in the region. Their main business activities span from Master Planning and design to Land Development and Real Estate Development, where their flagship project is the renowned US1.5 billion Amwaj Islands, in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

    Amwaj Islands is a group of six man-made islands created to transform a vision into a reality – the very essence of modern, luxurious living in tranquil waterside surroundings. Residents and visitors have access to everything needed for a modern lifestyle including commercial districts, state- of- the- art leisure resorts and a smart city environment, all while still being able to watch the sunset and listen to the sound of waves lapping from almost anywhere on the islands.

    Amwaj Islands’ attractions boast a shopping mall, a school, a polyclinic, a 140+ berth marina, luxurious hotels, theme and water parks, a beach club, botanical gardens and a bird sanctuary. On Amwaj, where luxury is a daily experience, properties can be purchased freehold by Bahraini nationals and expatriates alike, under Bahrain’s real estate laws.

  • Likwid Productions

    On a cold January morning in 1999 Likwid Productions came to life. Tired of the horrible standard of the clubbing scene in Bahrain, Karim Miknas and then partner Ken D’Souza set about creating a space they dreamed of and in June 2000 the now legendary Likwid was born. An amalgamation of bar, lounge and club, Likwid pushed the boundaries of the DJ and the live music scenes beyond any other venue in the history of clubbing on our fair island. Studio quality powerful sound, an amazing bar and design that was on the edge for years;

    Likwid was all that and more. It was a place for an open-minded crowd to really let go and become enveloped in the spirit of the music. Alas, all good things come to an end or evolve and with the closing of Likwid in November 2007, a new beast was born. Level took over the under-ground scene immediately, launching 2 regional DJ residencies with Baloo of Riyadh and Jade of Beirut, as well as Mr.K and his monthly international DJ guests continuing the good work that started in 2000. But Karim quickly became dissatisfied with the wishy-washy laws governing club land and the way they were being applied and decided less than a year and ahalf later to shut down Level, sell his interest in the commercial venue below, Club Seven and move on again. The result? Another evolution and the birth of Likwid Sound System with a custom made full-on mobile DJ booth plus rigging and lighting equipment to rival even the best of what BJ’s, Seven and Level put together used to boast! With this new move the very best of 10 years of dedication moved to the Coral Beach Club. Today the final renovations are testament to a decade of pure, absolute quality music.

  • ART Rotana hotel

    Located in the Amwaj Islands, ART Rotana hotel offers breathtaking views and five-star amenities at every turn. Art pieces are surrounding the hotel and were acquired over time parallel to the growth of Bahrain & the Middle East and reflect the collection of “A moment in time”. ART Rotana is haven for families and individuals that appreciate art and refined qualities of life. The property offers business travellers, residents and holidaymakers alike the cosiness and warmth of home as well as the splendour and modern luxury.