Other Artists

  • Imran Al Aradi

    Even before he set stage as a comedian, Imran was already building a name for himself.

  • B-boy Frankie

    Frank “B-boy Frankie” Perez is an inimitable soul brought up in what is known to many as the Mecca of Hip-Hop, New York City.

  • Bahrain Parkour

    Bahrain Parkour is the only team and association to have classes for Parkour.

  • Hasan Hujairi

    Bahraini sound designer and co-founder of Malja.

  • Tamadher

    Tamadher Ali is an interior designer who is currently teaching in university.

  • Frances Stafford

    Frances Stafford is a curator and artist with a professional background.

  • Yasmin Sharabi

    Yasmin Sharabi is an artist, curator and was previously Manager of The Waterline.