CALLING ALL WRITERS & ARTISTS: CoLab 2 – Submissions Open!

How About CoLab
In 2017, Malja launches the Collaboration Lab (CoLab) for creative experimentation. The CoLab project prompts seasonal exhibitions converging artists of different disciplines, to translate each other’s work and collaborate under variable circumstances. The premise of this venture is in the question: What happens when artists and their creativity collide? Will there be an explosion, will there be solutions, dilutions, wonderfully catastrophic social implosions?

And for all ye artists, the experiments will elasticize your expressions, and fragment your feelings, all for the sake of creative curiosity. Dare to see what happens when your poetry is morphed into a sculpture, or your music terraformed into illustrations, and whatever else is possible in this galaxy of ours. Every season, CoLab will take it up a notch, testing newer art equations. Step by step, we approach the infinite— this could get dangerous and (although optional), safety wear is highly unrecommended.


The Second Experiment: Words still Blind
Launch Date and Place: August 5, 2017 at Malja – A Red Bull Space
The Test Subjects:  +Writers  +Visual Artists
The Experiment:

  • A Blind CoLaboration
  • Writers and Artists will be taken separately to experience a similar journey.
  • Each Writer and Artist will exchange letters about their journey, the identities are to remain anonymous during this time.
  • The Writers will then submit a written piece as inspired by the journey. This piece will be given to the artist whom they have been corresponding with.  
  • The Artists will then separately create their own art as based on their understanding and interpretation of the given words, and the journey.
  • Artists and Writers will then be brought together, to meet, to mingle, and showcase the experiment results.


How Can You Get Involved Today:
1- Apply by May 20 to commit to the second CoLab Exhibition: here. Fill out the application form and email it to along with up to 5 pieces of your own work.


The CoLab Manifesto
Get out of your comfort zone. Get out of your own head, or pull someone in.
Dump your ego into recycling, and let your art turn into clay, for molding for chaos.
Multi-disciplinary Art-ing is an old age new age movement.
Don’t be afraid; Dare to be misunderstood.
Let someone take your Art for a ride.
Collaborate, because Inspiration is worth it.


The Lab Rules and Reasons

  1. To provide a platform for collaborative experimentations; perpetually re-creating the formula for creative output.
  2. All experiments must raise questions in order to find new ways of seeing ourselves and the world around us.
  3. To supplement the Artist with creative learning opportunities by extracting them from their comfort zone, ultimately showing them how far they can take their own expressions through openness to collaboration.
  4. Artists are to rise above the self in order to understand their capacity for combustion when integrating with other elements of creativity, be it persons, their ideas, or new artistic mediums.
  5. We must encourage the creative community to find each other, to relinquish control and ego, and create their yet greater selves together.
  6. To dare the Art Community to find a new identity as a conscious individualistic collective.
  7. For the sake of our society and community, creative simulations are tested, so that Art does what it does best: make you rethink, redirect your feelings, reshuffle your perceptions.


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