Malja Call Out III – Exhibition Launch


Ramah AlHusseini and the Malja Bahrain Team


Old Alosra building, behind Amwaj Office, Amwaj Bahrain.
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You are cordially invited to Malja’s third annual open-concept exhibition launch, the Malja Call Out III exhibition, curated by Ramah Al Husseini and the Malja Bahrain team.

During the year, Malja – A Red Bull Space provides a platform for different curators to exhibit artwork under a unified theme that is both innovative and thought-provoking, showcasing the work of some of the best local and international artists.

Once a year, however, the Malja Bahrain team endeavors to find new pieces of art purely for their individual concepts and executions. We invited all kinds of creatives to apply to an open concept exhibition without thematic restrictions. Under the curation of artist Ramah AlHusseini, this search has led to the creation of a conceptually diverse group showcase, celebrating the new work of veteran participants alongside new up-and-coming artists in the region.

Year after year, the curating team strives to elevate the annual exhibition to newer heights of artistic expression, working closely with the artists to create conceptual work that displays intricate technique alongside a depth of raw emotions.

This is Call Out III.

Showcasing Artists:
– Emily Relf (Mixed Media)
– Samawat Malik (Mixed Media)
– Giuse Maggi (Recycled Art)
– Shazadi Kanwal Riaz (Painting)
– Omnia Elsayed (Mixed Media)
– Maryam AlJomairi (Digital Art)
– Hana Kadhem (Painting)
– Amal Matrook (Installation)
– Natasha Burge (Poetry)
– Sulaf Al Ali (Painting)
– Sara Sami (Digital Art)
– Maryam Jamal (Painting)
– Mohamed Taha (Digital Art)
– Elias Madan (Painting)
– Maha Alami (Painting)
– Sara Qaed (Illustration)

– Ramah ALhusseini (Painting)


The exhibition will launch on the 14th of October and run until November.

Stay tuned for more information!

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