Words Still Blind – Exhibition Launch


Fatima AlSaad & Weaam Sperinck


Old Alosra building, behind Amwaj Office, Amwaj Bahrain.
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You are cordially invited to attend the launch of the second CoLab exhibition, the year-long artistic experiment curated by Fatima AlSaad and Weaam Sperinck, featuring a dive into writer/artist collaboration!

The CoLab project prompts seasonal exhibitions converging artists of different disciplines, to translate each other’s work and collaborate under variable circumstances. The premise of this venture is in the question: What happens when artists and their creativity collide? Will there be an explosion, will there be solutions, dilutions, wonderfully catastrophic social implosions?

WORDS STILL BLIND is a blind collaboration that started with writers and visual artists being taken on separate but similar journeys. Each writer and artist exchanged letters about the experience under anonymous identities. The writers submit written pieces inspired by the journey to artists who will then create their own art based on their understanding and interpretation of the words. The exhibition launch will showcase the results of the experiment, and bring the blind collaboration into light for the writers and artists to meet each other!

Stay tuned for the full list of featured artists and writers!

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