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City in Narrative | Architecture + Narrative Workshop


| 1 workshop x 1 city x 5 days x 2 disciplines |

Through a 5-day workshop, we aimed to shed light on long forgotten backdrops in the urban fabric of Manama. The buildings that once were a destination, have consequently become an urban backdrop to our city. These buildings have witnessed countless stories, hundreds if not thousands of people passed through their doors, each with a different story to tell. What would be your story?

Participants had a chance to experience a curated selection of buildings in Manama and formulate stories based on their experience. They imagined characters, scenarios and spaces. The buildings were represented through experiential diagrams that will focus on the experience and feelings the characters are having within the spaces instead of aiming to accurately represent the architecture they inhabit.


Saturday | May 6th | 4pm – 7pm | – Sunday to Wednesday | May 7th -10th | 6pm – 9pm |

// Day 1 /
Introduction to the workshop, 5-day plan and buildings + Outdoor Route to visit the buildings |Manama|
// Day 2 / Lecture-based /
Introduction to creative writing, introduction to experiential diagramming, precedent study |Malja|
// Day 3 / Exercise-based /
One-to-one brainstorming sessions, character & story-building exercise, space diagram exercise |Malja|
// Day 4 / Mini pin-up /
Review of drafts, review of diagrams, how to build a storyboard |Malja|
// Day 5 / Final pin-up /
Group reads narrative and presents possibility of external jury to be invited |Malja|


Mishari AlNajjar | Architect – Writer – Daydreamer

Sara Abdulla | Architect – Multi-tasker – Experience-seeker


Architecture & Design students and professionals
18+ years
Good conduct of English


The work of the participants will be included into a small insert that will be distributed to art and design magazines and relevant stakeholders.


Mishari AlNajjar is a practicing Kuwaiti Architect in Babnimnim Design Studio. Having graduated from the American University of Sharjah with a bachelors degree in Architecture and a minor in Urban Design, his work always stresses on the concept of a multidisciplinary approach. His current work observes human behavior and addresses it in a narrative method, merging the realms of story telling and architecture.

Sara Abdulla is the Development Manager at AlMawred Education, Co-Founder of Dust for Experience Design and Head of “Darayesh”, the Architecture Initiative powered by the Bahrain Authority for Culture and Antiquities. With a background in Architecture and Project Management from the University of Manchester, Sara actively engages in promoting Architecture as an inclusive discipline, through creating collaborative spaces, experience design, workshops and events.

Dust for Experience Design

A creative startup founded by Sara Abdulla (Architect) and Hassan AlHariri (Brand, PR and Marketeer). Dust specializes in injecting soul into brands, products and spaces we interact with through experience design, event curation and a platform for pop-up spaces and ideas. It is disruptive. Volatile. Surprising. It is a playground for all that is cross-disciplinary.


Event photography by Abdullah Minhas

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