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Fashion Factory: House of Nomad

This event took place on the weekend of September 1 to September 3, 2016


The nomad – a wanderer who travels from place to place in perpetual motion – was the starting point behind Dubai’s most beloved homegrown label, House of Nomad. Founded in 2014 by Ahmed El Sayed and Saleh Al Banna, this weekend will see the creative forces behind House of Nomad talk about the role of marketing, PR and design prowess in pioneering a brand in the region, by sharing their wealth of experience in creative direction and business through interactive workshops.

About House of Nomad:

House of Nomad is a ready-to-wear brand based in Dubai and co-founded by Ahmed El Sayed and Saleh Al-Banna. Ahmed, a former fashion editor graduated with a BFA in Fashion Design from Virginia Commonwealth University in Qatar, while Saleh graduated with a degree in Graphic Design from the American University in Dubai and runs a multinational family business.
House of Nomad has built a cult following with their straightforward, contemporary designs and sports luxe aesthetic using innovative fabrics and modern cuts that has had the regional style-set coveting the brand’s unique lifestyle season after season.

Workshop Breakdown:

Day 1:
– Introduction to House of Nomad
– Discussing key elements that go into building and setting up a brand
– Breakdown of day to day events when setting up a brand/running a brand
– Market talk: Trends, Culture, Customers, Media
– Practical: Having the attendees create their own ‘imaginary’ brand with addressing who their ideal customer is, their brand aesthetic, what they would be bringing to the market

Day 2:
– How to build a collection
– Insights on trend spotting, market research, production key points to focus on, colors, fabrics, silhouettes,
– We will be talking about our collection creation process, discussing and showing previous collections
– Practical: Having the attendees create their own ‘imaginary’ collection direction, discussing the kind of trends they want to focus on, what ideal fabrics they would use, silhouettes, color palette, etc


Event photography by Abdullah Minhas

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