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Open Mic – August 2017

On August 19, 2017, Malja held its fourteenth Open Mic night. This night of low-pressure creativity and inspiration was robust with musical performances, from acoustic guitars to purely vocal performances. In between and to finish, we got to experience the relaxing and thought-provoking effects of poetry and spoken word in addition to one stand-up comedy act.

Performers (in order of performance):

– Feras AlArayedh [Instagram]

– Nadeen & Seham Yateem [Instagram]

– Hafid Alaoui and friends [Instagram]

– Nasser Busaad [Instagram]

– Noor Nabeel [Instagram]

– Dana Osama

– Mohamed Shehab [Instagram]

– Ahmed Al Abyooki [Instagram]

– Hamad Ebrahim [Instagram], Noora Almoosa [Instagram], & Deborah Francisco [Instagram]

– Mishal Nassim [Instagram]

– Rahma [Soundcloud], Abdulla Almalki [Instagram], Khalil, and Abdulmalik

– Ahmed Zayani [Instagram]

– Shaikha Ali [Instagram]

– Abdulla Nezar [Twitter]

– Caz [Instagram]

– Hemang Sharma [Facebook]

– Maryam Rashed [Twitter]



Event photography by Abdullah Minhas


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