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Open Mic – March 2017

On March 11, 2017, Malja held its tenth Open Mic night, and seconomic of 2017. This night of low-pressure creativity and inspiration was robust with musical performances, from acoustic guitars to purely vocal performances. In between, we got to experience the relaxing and thought-provoking effects of poetry and spoken word.

Performers (in order of performance):

– Bader Al Saad [Instagram]

– Abdulla Nezar [YouTube]

– AlMuhannad Alatawi [Instagram]

– Anoop Mohanan [Soundcloud]

– Hiba Arekat [Instagram]

– Fatima Ghuloom [Instagram]

– Jehan Al Khateeb [Tumblr]

– Abdulla Confait [YouTube]

– Ahmed Zainal [Soundcloud]

– Lina Saeed [Instagram]

– Jeremy Holton [Facebook]

– Alan Joseph and Sean [Facebook]

– Marushka Almeida [Instagram]

– Deborah Francisco [YouTube]

– Alia Rajab [Instagram]a

– Samaha Omar [Instagram]

– Ali Buhsayen [Instagram]

– Karim Qasem [YouTube]

– Moh’d Murbati [Instagram]



Event photography by Abdullah Minhas


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