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Talking Film Photography with Ali Alshehabi

On Saturday, July 29, 2017, Ali Alshehabi held a film photography workshop at Malja.

Workshop Outline:
  • Self-introduction of artist
  • A presentation and Manual lessons
  • Teaching how to use film & film cameras
  • A photo showcase of the artist’s work.

Ali Al Shehabi is a 23 year old Bahraini origin who grew up in Dubai for 21 years of his life & had started photography in the early summer of 2016. His journey started by getting into an accident that left him physically handicapped only for a couple of months. During his recovery phase he used up his time to browse the internet & look at photographers’ works to inspire him & eventually lead to pursue it as a hobby. He did not have the finance to invest into Digital photography, so he looked into his mother’s belongings from her early years & found a couple of film cameras that were in working condition, and that’s where it all started. He also enjoys the process of film photography a lot more than digital. In August 2016 Ali had moved to Tokyo, Japan to study Arts & Language. Living in Japan to him has been like a dream he had since childhood being invested into the culture & arts there. He capitalized on the situation & enhanced his abilities as a photographer there. By March 2017 Ali had come back to Dubai & is now studying graphic designing to add to his arsenal. Ali has had exhibitions in Tokyo & Dubai, self-published a zine, collaborations & is working on more.

Instagram: @alishehaabi

Event photography by Abdullah Minhas

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