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Too Far Co x Blake College Teaser Workshops

In association with Blake College and RICI, Too Far Co. launched a teaser event on March 17 and March 18 about the educational art courses that will be conducted later this year. The aim of the event is to give the attendees a taste of the fundamentals of these courses whose sole purpose is to augment their artistic skills and talents.

The event started with Ruth Brooks, managing director at Blake College with extensive experience in the creative public sector, giving an introduction on Blake College. The photography session was conducted by Claire Lambert, a South African photographer who specializes in portraiture, lifestyle, documentary, and landscape photography. Her images have been published in Bahrain Museum Heritage books and Brownbook Magazine.

Attendees were delegated through the basics of digital photography, given an overview of the relationship between aperture, shutter speed and iso. They also practiced portraiture on each other, learning how to set your subject at ease and capture character, or get candid shots during event photography.

The comics illustration session was conducted by Juliet Sugg, an Illustration and Graphic Communications tutor at Blake College. Sugg is a freelance artist, specializing in narrative art and performance, and has been commissioned for several projects, including the illustration of several graphic novels.

Juliet Sugg walked through the process of creating a narrative, with characters and sections or chapters. After that, the delegates created a mini zine that they cold take home with them after the session was finished.


Event photography by Abdullah Minhas



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