Malja was a-buzz on Saturday, the 30th of January, 2016, for the launch of our first exhibition of the new year. Definition marks the celebration of Malja’s first year since launch, where we featured many artists who worked with Malja throughout the past year and stood out in terms of artistic style and creativity. At the launch of the exhibition, Malja Bahrain has officially started showcasing the work of 14 different artists in the kingdom, including paintings, drawings, installations, photography, and writing.This hallmark exhibition was curated at Malja by Ramah Al Husseini and the Malja team, and launched from the 30th of January to the 5th of March, 2016.

Participating Artists

– Elias Madan
– Giuse Maggi
– Nahel Selo
– Hajer Ghareeb
– Butch Paje
– Tejbir Singh
– Weaam Sperinck
– Ghassan AlHarbi
– Natasha Burge
– Fatima AlSaad
– Zahraa Alezzi
– Sara Sami
– Noor Nooruddin
– Assil “Sudalove” Diab
– Ramah Alhusseini
– Noof AlRefaei

Event photography by Ali Haji and Abdullah Minhas


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later: Loud Art